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Who is the IAM?

The IAM (International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers) is one of the largest and most influential unions in the transportation industry, representing workers across the United States and Canada.

Who do we represent?

We proudly represent frontline workers in airlines and railroads throughout the U.S. and Canada, including airline vendors such as Swissport employees in Las Vegas and Phoenix. Our diverse membership also encompasses workers who build Boeing aircraft, fighter jets, ships, mechanics, federal workers, and many more.

What can Swissport employees expect from the IAM?

As a Swissport employee, you will actively participate in the negotiating process through online surveys tailored to your specific needs. This empowers you to shape your contract based on what matters most to Swissport workers. You will benefit from the expertise of some of the most skilled negotiators in the airline industry. Additionally, you will enjoy the support of over 4,000 United workers based at Newark Airport.


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Where can I find a Union Representative if I need IAM representation?

An IAM representative will be available on-site at Newark Airport, located directly in Terminal C. You will have convenient access to the grievance office on the ground floor by the escalator in Terminal C.

How long has the IAM worked with Swissport coworkers to secure an election?

The IAM has diligently collaborated with your Swissport coworkers for over four years, striving to secure union representation, a fair contract, and a respectful working environment.

Please feel free to contact any IAM Union Rep at Newark or call : 

Carmelo Benedicto (646) 696-7802
Frank Giannola (954) 298-9138