Daniel Fumar

District Safety Coordinator
Stores Safety Coordinator

Phone Number

Cell: 209-814-8895

E-mail Address


Current Responsibilities

Primary communicator for United Airlines Storekeepers in regards to all safety issues and concerns
system wide. By attending regular scheduled weekly, monthly and quarterly(AGC) meetings This allows
me to relay information to our Safety Reps. working within departments, which in turn allows them to
relay information to our members working on the frontline, which may include previous month injuries,
policy changes in the industry, locally, as well as, OSHA Standards that may have been updated.
Furthermore, I am present at Reasonable Accommodation Process (RAP) sessions where we negotiate to
return or place employees back to work when they have physical limitations. I am also Involved with A3
investigations focusing on finding root causes for injuries when an employee gets injured. Most recently,
I have been taking the lead on the revamping of our GSAP program system wide that was originally
launched in 2008, however was not utilized to its fullest in our Stores department.

Past Training Experience

These experiences help me tutor other members when they have failed in
mandatory compliance testing, i.e. HAZMAT GenFam and Dangerous Goods Pack and Ship.

Designated Station Trainer (DST) at this capacity I was charged to deliver annual compliance training
required by the FAA, Standard Operating Procedures including Hazmat Dangerous Goods packaging.

Instructor for IAM CREST DOT HAZMAT part of the research and development and advisory board.


These certified training courses that I’ve taken help me while disputing with UAL
management, when they have our members working in unsafe conditions.

ICWUC 32 hour Chemical Response Training

OSHA 30 hour 29 CFR Standards for General Industry
OSHA 7105 Evacuation and Emergency Planning
OSHA 7500 Intro. To Safety and Health Management
OSHA 7205 Health Hazard Awareness

Worker Occupational Safety and Health Training and Education Program (WOSHTEP)
24 hour Worker Occupational Safety and Health Specialist Course

Pacific Coast Safety Fest

Applied Industrial Ergonomics

Strength and Control