August Helping Hands: Wellness

IAM EAP Peer Volunteers:

     I hope everyone is surviving the crippling heat of the past few weeks! The weather does drive a lot of behavior! Hot weather usually leads to more conflict between people – including while at work. Thank you for being there to help your co-workers when they need your help! 
     This month we address wellness – there are many types of wellness. Physical, emotional (which we address directly on page 2), social, financial, environmental and spiritual wellness are all important areas of focus. Wellness is defined and emotional wellness is addressed this month. 

     Please remember to take good care of yourselves – to be able to take good care of others. Thank you for all you are doing! 



Bryan Hutchinson, M.S.
EAP Director

Bryan Hutchinson, M.S.
EAP Director
Cell: 303-229-5117

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