At United, Greed Leads the Way

9 August 2022

As you are aware, we did not reach an expedited agreement on a new contract with United management by our self-imposed deadline of August 1, 2022. In the July 18, 2022 negotiations update, I stated that “unless United management changes course, reworks its current proposals, and offers IAM members at United a fair contract that recognizes our value to our airline, it is highly unlikely that we can reach an agreement in the expedited process.”

During the week of July 25, 2022, your Negotiations Committee met and discussed the path forward. After that, our Assistant General Chairpersons fanned out across the system to conduct station visits and update the membership on negotiations. That same week, United management gave us a modified proposal. That proposal was as insulting as their initial “comprehensive framework. Which, as I stated previously, would provide less job security than we have today and wage rates that were wholly unacceptable based on IAM members’ surveys and priorities.

Today, the IAM 141 Negotiations Committee forwarded to United management a set of very fair proposals that, if agreed to, would recognize the value of IAM members to United Airlines’ success. Remember, the Company just recorded record revenue in the second quarter and a return to robust profitability. Once we receive their response, we will report back to you.

Given the Company’s dismissive attitude and outright refusal to accept the new realities in the airline industry regarding wages, job security, scope of work, and other critical issues, I am pessimistic that an agreement can be reached anytime soon.

Because of the dedication, sacrifice, and professionalism of the women and men of United Airlines, our airline produced record revenue for the second quarter and a massive profit of over $300 million. Yet, United management simply says no when it comes to providing us reasonable job security that currently exists at other carriers and wage rates befitting the new airline industry realities. I want to thank our front-line members for their solidarity actions around the nation. Your continued support is absolutely necessary for the success of this effort.

It appears at Scott Kirby’s United, Greed Leads the Way.

Your Negotiating Committee

Olu Ajetomobi
Joe Bartz
Victor Hernandez
Barb Martin
Andrea’ Myers
Terry Stansbury
Faysal Silwany
Erik Stenberg
Sue Weisner

Mike Klemm

President and Directing General Chair,

IAMAW District 141

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