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Association Update: Attendance Policy and Holiday Pay Arbitrations

August 1, 2023

The Association is pleased to report to the membership we have received long-awaited awards for both the Attendance Policy and Holiday Pay Arbitrations. Grievances were filed against American Airlines, Inc. and its interpretation of collective bargaining agreements covering Association members in M & R, MCT, MLS, MTS, and Fleet Service.

In both cases, arbitrators concurred with the Association and ruled American was in violation of the agreements. In regard to the Attendance Policy award, the arbitrator ruled that many of the guidelines of the policy must be rewritten and must align with what was discussed and understood in negotiations.

The arbitrator stated that AA did not use discretion when imposing discipline nor did it allow for extenuating circumstances for absences. The award also stated that there was no consistency in the application of the policy or in the assessment of points and that the company excessively penalized employees for using “bona fide” sick time.

The arbitrator also concluded that the part of the policy regarding the “critical operations period,” was in violation as well. The award in the Holiday Pay arbitration was even more complete. The arbitrator ruled that American violated Article 22 of all agreements and must pay employees Holiday pay while on unpaid FMLA, OJI (On-the- job injuries), and military leave.

The Association thanks the law firm of Phillips Richard and Rind, PA., for its dedicated efforts in helping secure these victories for our members. Overall, this is a solid win for the members of the Association. We are committed to fighting for our members and preserving the intent and meaning of the language in our agreements. In Solidarity, 

Recording Secretaries: Please print and post on all IAMAW bulletin boards.

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