Brothers and Sisters,

American Airlines has made the determination to try changing the negotiations from the bargaining table to directly bargaining in the breakrooms, on the shop floor and on the ramp. Their direct appeal to TWU and IAM members represented by the Association is an end-around rarely seen by the most anti-union employers during contract negotiations. They want to test your solidarity.

The documents they posted on JetNet do show significant gains the Association achieved so far in negotiations. The Company gave nothing out of their generosity – the improvements you see are the result of the hard work of your negotiators. But, don’t be fooled – IT IS NOT ENOUGH!

Work is not protected. They think they can fool us by making a promise that everyone will have a job in their current location. What they will not tell you is that they will replace work performed by those who leave by using vendors or by sending the work out of the country altogether. Retirement is still inadequate, healthcare is unresolved and the industry worst profit sharing still outweighs any wage gains. If we caved in to American’s demands a year ago, the gains we did achieve would not be there. If we cave in now, the job security, healthcare and retirement you have earned and deserve are guaranteed not be there.

Our message is simple. Tell the Company IT IS NOT ENOUGH! Tell them to get back to the table and finish the job. The Association negotiators are ready and waiting.

Show your solidarity – your future and the best contract in the industry depends on it.


Your Association Negotiating Committees

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