We get paid more. 
If ratified, this agreement will give Fleet Service workers an immediate and meaningful raise.

The raises will happen each year on the anniversary of the signing date. In other words, the next 2% bump will happen in 12 months after signing, the one after that at 24 months, and so on. 

Central Load Planners will also get an immediate raise. They will see a 3.9% increase on the Date of Signing, plus another 2% each year until 2024.

Current wage X .048 = Extra Hourly Pay

Fleet Service Pay Increases Under the TA

With this Agreement, American Airlines Fleet Service top wages will increase

by $10.57 an hour since the Interim Wage Agreement.

Central Load Planner Service Pay Increases Under the TA

This agreement will increase CLP pay by $18.22 per hour over the IWA.
We made American Airlines more profitable than it has ever been. 

It’s only fair we should see a larger share of the profits that we helped create.

The new contract will improve the profit-sharing program for Fleet Service workers. This change will guarantee hundreds of dollars in extra spending money for us each year. 

Crew Chief Premium 

$2.20/hr on the Date of Signing

DOS+3: $2.40/hr.

Shift Differentials

.51, .58, .61 cents per hour

Hub Control Center Premium

$3.20 per hour

Active Duty Fleet Service Workers will get a $3,000 (pretax) signing bonus after the ratification of this agreement.
To qualify, employees must be on active duty at the date of signing. Those on military, FMLA or injury leave will qualify for signing bonuses when they return to active duty.
Minimum of one hour overtime, similar to task completion rules at other airlines
Double-time after working  12 hours in a single day
Paid overtime bypass at the applicable rate
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