The Machinists Union is gearing up.

Negotiations between the nation’s largest and most powerful companies and their employee unions are never easy.

In these high-stakes contests, front-line workers face off against an army of lobbyists, lawyers, and executive boardrooms willing to spend truckloads of cash to achieve their objectives.

Not surprisingly, contract negotiations are the toughest, most intense work action that any union member will ever be a part of.

“These are things that are going to affect us, and our families… and our brothers and sisters that we work with,” said Mark Goodhart, an electrician with General Electric and president of Local 912 in Evandale, Ohio. “It’s not something that we take lightly. At all.”

Mark and about 25 other Machinists recently honed their negotiating skills at the Winpisinger Center, an afternoon’s drive from Washington, DC. The school is the largest continuously operating academy for union training in North America, helping to educate more than 60 thousand union activists since opening its doors back in 1981.

Machinist Union members interested in negotiations training, or any of the other labor classes available at the Winpisinger Center can get information on enrollment requirements and more by attending their monthly Union Business Meetings, usually held each month by their local lodge.

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