Safety Program

GSAP Report | File a GSAP report immediately if you think you have violated a Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR), have been involved in / witnessed a safety related event or have identified a safety related concern. District 141 endorses GSAP because GSAP is a process for corrective action rather than punishment. United SkyNet sign-in required. With the updated name, GSAP enhancements include: access from home or at work, does not time out while filling in your GSAP. For complete details see Learning Network: ao-gsap-01.

Erik Stenberg
District 141 Safety Director

District 141 Ground and Flight Safety Director
Office: 847.640.2277
Cell: 224.387.6228
Fax: 847.640.2277

Bill Salo
Safety – United Airlines

District 141 Safety Director – United Airlines
Office: 847.640.2277
Fax: 847.640.2277

Kaulana Pakele
Safety – Hawaiian Airlines


District 141 Safety Director – Hawaiian Airlines

Anthony D'Aloiso
District 141 Safety Director - US Airways

Cell: 803-431-1962
Fax: 847-640-2277


Safety — Train The Trainer

Just last year, twelve members from IAM District Lodge 141, ten from Local Lodge 1487 Chicago O’Hare and two from Local Lodge 1351 Seattle working at United Airlines, completed the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials 40-Hour Hazardous Material Instructor Train-The-Trainer Course held at Local Lodge 1487 located in Chicago, Illinois.

The Train-The-Trainer course was developed by IAM CREST in cooperation with IAM IAM District Lodge 141 and United Airlines specifically to enhance the required dangerous goods training provided by United Airlines.  After successfully completing the course these IAM CREST DOT Associate Instructors will be authorized to deliver Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Awareness Training Course to workers who handle dangerous goods by air.

Training of DOT HMAT Associate Instructors and workers who handle hazardous materials is funded under a grant by the DOT Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration.


Safety Links

141 Safety Committee

The Ground and Flight Safety committee, led by Erik Stenberg, contact info, deals with working safely equipment on the ramp, in stores, customer service and reservations, and with working safely with aircraft equipment.

  • Provide a relevant, ongoing safety and health program through the communication and education to make all Members aware of their role in making the workplace a safe environment
  • Participate in the investigation of incidents involving Members to reduce the overall incidents rate
  • Provide Members with the information necessary to protect themselves and their fellow workers from injuries/illness
  • Promote a safe and healthy workplace for Members at every opportunity