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What Do Organizers Do?

Time to join the Middle Class? Then it's time to join a Union.

Most people define the Middle Class as being able start a family, provide a home, maybe take a vacation once in a while, and if illness visit you or your family it doesn’t take everything you have worked hard for away.

Having a good wage, bargained for paid vacation, paid maternity leave, paid ill pay are not guarenteed by any U.S. Labor Law. The only way to ensure your work will help you weather life is to have a Union Contract.

Ready for more information? Contact Frank Giannola – DL141 Director of Organizing to begin the process of getting a Contract.

(954) 298-9138



Human Rights

Wage earner rights are human rights. The problem is protecting them. Knowing your rights and belonging to a union helps. Sexual Harassment The Right To...
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What Organizers Do

Union organizers help people who work secure union representation at their worksite. A union organizer informs people (mostly nonunion workers) about their rights, identifies and...
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