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would the IAM consider 2 months of no dues or reduce deductions during these tough times?  




"I'd like to know and as a great gesture and support for our members  would the IAM consider 2 months of  no dues or reduce deductions during these tough times? Thank you!"

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As of the time I write you this email United, thankfully, has not furloughed any employees that the IAM represents. In fact today your contract is still in full force. Although I fully expect the Company to enforce their Force Majeure contractual rights at some point as the airline industry goes through a crisis never seen before. Unfortunately, significant changes are coming at some point as the Company can't possibly continue to operate the way they are today without people flying. 
If and when that unfortunate circumstance affects any of our members with a furlough there is an unemployment dues rate of $2.00 a month that is required for a member to pay and stay in good standing. However most local lodges actually make a motion to pick up the unemployment costs and pay it for them so they stay current at zero cost to the actual member.
Thank you for expressing your concern.
Please keep yourself and your family safe through this very scary pandemic.

In Solidarity


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