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Job Security During Coronavirus  



I need some info on our job security status...UAL ramp

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At this time all jobs are secured with the company seeking volunteers for the COLA. With that being said and this COVID-19 epidemic, we cannot predict the future. We are hoping everyone will do their part to get this virus under control so we can return to our normal routine. Many non-union airline workers, good people who work hard... have lost their jobs. But, layoffs have not happened to our union yet. We hope they never do.  
In the meantime, we are asking ALL of our members to write or call their congressmen, and get emergency help that will help us prevent job losses due to COVID-19 entirely. 
Here’s how you can take action now:

1) Call your members of Congress at 1-866-829-3298  and tell them to take any action necessary to save the U.S. aerospace manufacturing industry.

2) Q">Click here to send a message to your members of Congress. 

Please call on your elected officials to help save over 500,000 U.S. aerospace manufacturing jobs. 

We also ask you to sign up for our daily updates on our website if you haven't already done so.


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