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Hawaiian Regional EAP Section is Missing  


Mail Guy
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21/03/2020 8:27 pm  

"Hawaiian Airlines EAP is not highlighted in some areas that I think it needs to be. For example, when I go to District 141 website under Department Directory, then I scroll over to Employee Assistance, it only has American EAP and United EAP. Now click on Employee Assistance, it opens to, Help Can Start Now, Free. Confidential. Compassionate. American EAP and United EAP but no Hawaiian EAP again. So if you could add Hawaiian EAP to those areas that I've pointed out, that would be great. 

I appreciate all your help!"
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Eric Price
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21/03/2020 8:32 pm  

Over the weekend, I've rebuilt some of the header/call to action section on the EAP page, because the layout didn't allow me to just add a new link there.

I don't actually know why the HA EAP section hasn't been built years ago, but thanks to Meki, we are getting that done now. Thank you to Meki Pei for making sure that HA EAP isn't getting overlooked anymore. 

The page is still pretty new, so there's probably a lot of things that could get included there. Anybody has any ideas for content, let me know and I'll get to work on it. 



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