About District 141

Assistant to the President & Directing General Chairperson
Ann Clifford

Office: 847-640-2222
Cell: 650-554-1024
Fax: 800-630-2640
Email: aclifford@iam141.org

Employee Assistance Program
Bryan Hutchinson Profile
Bryan Hutchinson
District 141 Director of EAP

Cell: 303-229-5117
Email: bryanrhutch@aol.com

Chris Davis Profile
Chris Davis
District 141 EAP Chairman, American Airlines

Cell: 704-572-4859
Email: chrisx1959@yahoo.com

Meki Pei Profile
Meki Pei
District 141 EAP Chairman, Hawaiian Airlines

Cell: 808-208-5950
Email: mekipei@gmail.org

Kathy Ferguson Profile
Kathy Ferguson
District 141 EAP Chairman, United Airlines

Cell: 703-505-4321
Email: kf.borabora@cox.net

Mike "Mac" McGovern
District 141 Director of Education

Cell: 570-350-0497
Email: mac@iam141.org

Dave Roderick
District 141 Director of MNPL

Office: 847-640-2222
Email: droderick@iam141.org

Frank Giannola
District 141 Director of Organizing

Cell: 954-298-9138
Email: fgiannola@iam141.org

Bill Salo Profile
Bill Salo
District 141 Director of Safety, United Airlines

Office: 847-640-2222
Fax: 847-640-2277
Email: salowilliam@cs.com

Kaulana Pakele Profile
Kaulana Pakele
District 141 Safety Coordinator, Hawaiian Airlines

Cell: 808-554-6158
Email: pakele@hawaiianair.com

Anthony D'Aloiso
Anthony D'Aloiso
District 141 Director of Safety, American Airlines

Cell: 803-431-1962
Fax: 800-630-2640
Email: tdaloiso@iam141.org

Financial Department
Payling Massingill
Assistant to Secretary Treasurer

Cell: 650-759-0822
Email: payling@dl141hq.org

Larry Reeves
Auditor, Local Lodge 1776
Andrea' Myers
Auditor, Local Lodge 141
John Grandestaff
Auditor, Local Lodge 1759
Dave Lehive

Cell: 484-557-5032
Fax: 800-630-2640
Email: dlehive@iam141.org

Eric Price

Cell: 224-239-3490
Email: eprice@iam141.org